Based in Korea, Block Crafters Capital is a professional team of experts in blockchain, startups, and traditional finance that invests exclusively in blockchain technologies. Our mission is to offer investment services for investors who believes in the incredible potential and opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Having strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the traditional finance and cryptocurrency space, Block Crafters Capital is building a diversified portfolio and add value to the crypto world.


Block Crafters Capital Team


Paul Bragiel
Graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with B.S. in Computer Science. Involved in 6 VC firms as Founding Partner and partner at Golden Gate Ventures with 60M USD fund. Invested and/or advised in over 100 portfolio companies including Uber, Unity, doubledutch and Life360.
KJ Eee
Majored computer science at POSTECH, developed first Korean firewall ‘SUHOSHIN’ at SecureSoft. Founded Nomad Connection and launched Zimly, a P2P media service with more than 3 million users. Currently working as a director of Daily Intelligence, blockchain and AI company, and registered as a member of ICON Foundation Council.
Wenbin Fang
Wenbin Fang is the founder & CEO of Listen Notes, a podcast search engine that actually works. Before founding Listen Notes, he was an early engineer in Nextdoor. He was a PhD dropout from Computer Science in University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in distributed systems & GPU computing.
Dongkun Cho
MBA at KAIST and worked more than 15 years in ICT industry, including KT New Business and VCs. Experienced foreign fund operation and investment, raised cooperation fund with Vina Capital from Vietnam. Major investment tracks include Peptron, RedBC, U2Bio, Endochoice, Jobis, GOC, Angiolab, SGA-E.
SeokCheol Jeon
Majored business administration at Yonsei University, and working as an investment professional at Aju IB Investment. Since 2013 invested in more than 30 companies and realized return on 7+ cases. Investment sectors was focused on mobile software and services. Formerly involved in acquiring 1st-tier blockchain exchange service in Korea at Daily Finance Group. Highly interested in establishing connection between transactional value and blockchain.
Ilseok Suh
Majored computer science and software engineering at KAIST and Carnegie Mellon university, and worked as a software system engineer at Samsung Electronics. Experienced startup investment at Softbank Ventrues and Futureplay, mostly focused on fintech, machine learning and mobile service. Managed planning, development and investment on fintech services at Dayli Finance Group and currently working as a CEO at MOIN corp.
Hyoungkyun Kim
Majored computer science at Korea University and worked through startups and IT companies. (SW development at Foresee, project management at SK Teletech, business development and marketing at KT.) Currently working as an investment professional at GNTech Venture capital. Major investment tracks include Ace Technology, SIM Entertainment, HFR, Itshanbul, DWanatech.
Seunghyun Lee
Majored electronic engineering at Yonsei Unitversity and worked as a engineer and GS construction and SKT. Currently working as a team manager at Stone Bridge Ventures. Major investment tracks include Incross, 5Rocks, Oceanbridge, Lake Materials, Accessbio.
Junyoung Jo
Majored Computer Science at Yonsei University, JoonYoung has founded a plastic surgery information app BabiTalk and IPOed with Carelabs. He also founded crypto-exchange CoinRail and crypto community Cobak. In addition, he is a director of In The Forest, a crypto scam analysis company.


Our team consists of professionals with track records in cryptocurrency projects, blockchain research, fund operation & liquidation, and active trading. We are eager to provide a convenient and reliable service for fund participants, aiming for stable returns through a diversified investment approach across multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The fund would collect and liquidate assets based on Ethereum. Assets that cannot be exchanged for Ethereum at the moment of liquidation will be distributed as retained. Fund shall operate on an annual basis and shall liquidate within the term. Fund may extend the term by 6 months up to two times for maximum return on investment.

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